Converging Ripples

Philanthropist Michael Staenberg commissioned ‘Converging Ripples,’ a 725 square feet mural to embellish the Façade of the Jewish Community Center of Omaha, his hometown.
The idea behind this abstraction is, ‘splashes that become intersecting ripples.’  A pebble is thrown into, or skipped over a pond stirring the surface.  Raindrops may create tiny splashes, which in turn become larger waves and ripples. We each become the ‘splashes’ and our resulting ripples intersect like a dialogue to become a diverse textured community of beauty.
Converging Ripples is Bally’s largest work to date measuring 29’ wide x 25’ tall (reaching over 42 feet from the ground.  It is made from upcycled traffic signs (aluminum with reflective coating), machined aluminum, anodized, stainless steel hardware and cable.  The installation was completed on 12 June 2018.  The manufacturing team was Boris Bally, Don Nguyen with Don’s helpers: Laura Ferguson Hastings, Michael Duffy, Joey Chia, Sarah Pumple, Joanna Elizabeth Read, Noah Schwartz.  The Installation Team was: Lucas, Etai, Nico and Boris Bally
To date, Michael Staenberg also commissioned interior artwork for JCC fitness facilities in Omaha, Denver, St. Louis and most recently in Saint Paul, Minnesota