August 2015

Peter’s Valley Course: Wearing it Out: Integrating Common Materials into Wearable Art. August 7-11
This course will jump-start your creative juices. It is aimed at the beginner to introduce the medium of metal, especially working with found objects. Basic jewelry making techniques (sawing, filing, finishing and texturing, silver-soldering, swaging, riveting, tool-making) will all be demonstrated with lots of individual attention provided. As a class, we will explore the design and creation of wearable brooches using common, everyday materials. The course is designed to be fun, fast-paced and inclusive of all participants. Participants will have complete several wearable pieces of art and a customized swaging tool using these newly discovered techniques. Prior metal working experience is always helpful, but not required.

This is one of the techniques we will be covering:

Penland School of Craft Auction, Aug 7-8: