June 2015

Bogus Tees Rocks Humanufactured®!

South Shore arts Center: Dynamic Conversations exhibition, Curated by Chris Rifkin

Bannister Gallery, RI College: Wordsmith/Metalsmith, Curated by Sara Mandel Picard

The exhibition features Bally’s new piece, “Ransom (100 Brooches).” This series of 100 brooches melds Jamie Reid (Sex Pistols’ graphic designer) with Rosalie Gascoigne (Australian traffic sign collage artist). Each brooch will be sold for the greatly reduced rate of $50 with the stipulation that it will be casually photographed by the purchaser wearing it (a selfie) and this photo submitted back to me. Eventually, a wall of 100 photos will be created once all brooches have been sold. A percentage from each brooch sold will be donated back to the Society of North American Goldsmiths.

North Ireland Project: CultureCraft:
The Derry Culture/Craft project has just come to an end. Bursary Award winner Martin McClelland returned to Derry, N Ireland after a two-week residency to work in Bally’s studio and discover the treasures of the New England region’s artists and art-related organizations. Bally presented the project during the recent SNAG Conference in Boston, “Cross-Atlantic Camaraderie.”

The final piece, created during Bally’s residency (August 2014) in Derry, North Ireland has been installed, Thanks to Colin Kennedy, Derry’s Landscape Architect, Parks and Development Planner, on the Waterside Greenway by the Foyle River Bridge bike path. This multi-faceted project (residency/ master classes/ lecture series/ exhibition/ bursary award/ installation) was arranged by Seliena Coyle for CultureCraft (www.CultureCraft.co.uk). During this residency, three classes rotated through the various stages of learning about design, prototyping and production in metal. The students voted, and selected the best design, which was inspired by the Giant’s Causeway. This is a natural occurring geological treasure comprised of hexagonal basalt pillars and is one of N. Ireland’s most valued landmarks. These magical forms are captured in a cluster design by David Dryden, one of the participants. The final product, a permanent, sculptural piece made of local traffic signage, was installed on the Foyle River Greenway.

Some of the PR: