2014 Highlights

Bally wins the Individual Fellowship in Crafts Grant Award from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. His work is included in the RISCA Exhibition at Salve Regina University, Feb 13-March 6
Individual Fellowship in Crafts Grant Award

Bally is a Finalist in the Eco Arts Awards for Repurposed Materials in Art & Design

On Body and Soul: Contemporary Armor to Amulets, by Suzanne Ramljack, is published and features the ‘Brave 3” Necklace on p 47

Residency in August 2014 Derry, North Ireland. This multi-faceted project (residency/ master classes/ lecture series/ exhibition/ bursary award/ installation) was arranged by Seliena Coyle for CultureCraft (www.CultureCraft.co.uk). During this residency, three classes rotated through the various stages of learning about design, prototyping and production in metal. The students voted, and selected the best design, which was inspired by the Giant’s Causeway. This is a natural occuring geological treasure comprised of hexagonal basalt pillars and is one of N. Ireland’s most valued landmarks. These magical forms are captured in a cluster design by David Dryden, one of the participants. The final product, a permanent, sculptural piece made of local traffic signage, was installed on the Foyle River Greenway.

Enough Violence @ Soc of Contemp Craft, Pittsburgh, PA

Wall St Journal piece on my friend Mark Oldman’s NY apt.. with Transit Chair!