Fission 999 Installation Completed!

This permanent installation was commissioned by Danac LLC (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA) by Artists Circle Fine Arts for their new MRIS garage building. The piece was designed by Boris Bally and has been HUMANUFACTURED® (hand-fabricated) by him and Project Manager Rob Boyd, Assisted by Brandon Bruzzi over an eight-week-period. Fission 999 was completed October 2013. The 999 tile pieces flutter gently in the wind, occasionally making sounds as they gently touch the concrete cast walls of the structure’s stair tower. Reaching approximately 44′ above the ground, the piece is 14.5 feet wide x 28 feet high x 2.5 inches deep and made from recycled traffic signs, the signature of Boris Bally’s work for over two decades.

“Just saw some photos of the art piece – very lovely. I like it -appropriate scale, recycled materials. It is one of the few mandated art pieces I have seen done well.”
-Vic Bryant, Vice President of Planning and Landscape Architecture,
Macris, Hendricks and Glascock

Since it is made of recycled traffic signs, the reflective quality is interesting. Boris Bally was the artist and Jack Devine helped us find him. Would definitely recommend both of these guys for any future needs. We were very happy with the way it turned out.
– Jack Jaeger, President, Danac, LLC

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